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Searching for the essence of life, an inter-dimensional being enters the earth's layer. Following his senses, Nialark observes a human boy whom he thinks has what he needs. With countless lives depending on him, he must hurry before the impending doom arrives.


Director: Beatriz Ribeiro Writer: Ye Yint Aung Photography: Oskar Konrad Kojs Producer: Hashtag Production / Cover by Damian Editor: Damian Jan Dolny Costume Designer: Chiko A. Zulhazransa Script/Post Production Supervisor: Keith Allott


"Being" Andrei Alexandru Budaca "Boy" Ye Yint Aung "Doctor" Teodor Andrei Nicola

"Mother" Adrianna Nowek "Being 2" Chiko A. Zulhazransa

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