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Dreaming of having too many free drinks, and ecstatically screaming along to your favourite song lyrics with friends, as the sun beats down on you? Well, you've come to the right article! Here, I'm going to give you the low down on some of the best music festivals happening soon, as the temperature increases across the globe. Glastonbury & Tomorrowland to name two popular ones. Don't worry Europe readers don't feel disheartened, as I will be mentioning good ones for you to attend too! Get ready for 'Glastonbury' this month from Wednesday 21st of June to Monday 26th of June. Don your best frock and sparkle under the domed stage lights. Lewis Capaldi, Lizzo, Becky Hill, and Carly Rae Jepsen may even catch your moves. Who knows?! If pop music isn't your vibe, there's always 'Creamfields North' in August (24th - 27th), which boasts DJ Snake, Swedish House Mafia, Fat Boy Slim, Example, and many more. 


Feeling electric across the other side of the world? Get yourself to 'Tomorrowland' this July (Friday 21st from 11 am - Sunday 30th) for Belgium's annual electronic dance music festival and synth out your sorrows amongst other eclectic fans. Escaping reality is powerful, and this music will do just that to you. Get last-minute tickets now - they sell out quick!! Or, why not give Amsterdam Open Air 2023 a whirl? Large green spaces, flooded with natural nature and calm canals - what's not to like? Just picture it: you and your mates arms round each other bouncing on grassy banks, feeling the vibrations of your favourite tunes from all angles, sun radiating through you…. Name a better scene. 

Want to fit in but still stay true to yourself? Listen closely to our festival do's and don'ts. Firstly, do pack a portal phone power bank and charge it up before you leave for the festival. There's nothing worse than living your best life and not being able to share it with your mates back home! If you're going with others, pick a SIMPLE meeting point and stick to it. Maybe share your live chosen location or drop a map pin on your group chat, so that no one ends up on the wrong side of the field!! Discuss your individual limits with alcohol for the duration of the event - going too far just to appear 'cool' is definitely not worth it. You'll wake up with a headache the size of your earth-shattering regret. Next, don't leave your drinks unattended at any point. Carry it with you if you're going solo to the festival, or get someone in your group to guard them if there's lots of you - you could even take turns raving and watching to make it fair. Never take any valuable items whatsoever, even though you may think your butt looks great in your designer jeans and tailored top, it's not worth the price you'd pay if they got nicked. Finally, don't forget where your tent is pitched if you're staying overnight. This one may seem plainly obvious, but it's vital to you getting the most out of your experience…no one wants to sleep on hard ground, do they?


Festivals take a lot of planning, handwork, and organisation too perfect for thousands of people - it's a privilege to even get a ticket because of how quickly they sell out these days, so make every moment count. I hope this insider's scoop has lifted your summer plans somewhat, why have headphones when you can listen live - after all? Remember our top tips for making it even more amazing, take lots of photos so your Instagram feed looks insane, Stay safe in the sun (pack lots of after sun as well as sun cream), keep calm, and rock on! To find out local music festivals near you, type your area and music events into Google and wait!

Thinking of experiencing your FIRST festival but aren't sure of the benefits? Let me tell you! Social opportunities has to be top of the list. You will meet so many energetic, soulful people that will share so much of the same music taste as you - it will feel like you've always known them! Getting insight into new and different bands, artists, and music genres is next. Think you only love pop & indie? Think again! Folk, Rock, RNB, and many more are often played at festivals - so there's sounds to please everyone's ears!! You'll be a part of something that only happens periodically, not every day.

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