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In the second episode
'All about the Music'
hosted by Damian Dolny


Summer, summer, hot summer! A phrase that didn't exist a few years ago in the UK, but it is now. In a country where A/C is not common, and the buildings are designed to keep warm inside, it's almost like a fight to survive. During the week of the heatwave, life in the country almost stopped. As you may know, the current episode was scheduled for July 14th, but the episode had to be postponed due to the temperature higher than 86 degrees F in our recording studio. Yet, we can't forget that summer also has a beautiful side. Long days, a big dose of vitamin D, and the opportunity to spend most of the time outside are the only few examples of the many benefits of summer. In today's episode of 'All about the Music' podcast, you will discover your new favorite summer vibes.

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