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English Eurovision Electrifies!



Kyiv, Ukraine - May 09, 2017: Ievgen Skrypko -

As a country, we have entered a total of 64 times, with our first appearance being in 1957! I think it's fair to say - it's been a bumpy ride for us Brits - placing first in 1967, but not even scratching the surface of success in 2003 or 2021. You sing some, you lose some - I guess! But, what can we expect from Liverpool as this year's contest host venue? Strap in on Saturday the 13th of May at 8 pm for the final of the competition, to see who gets crowned 2023 Champion! Can't last until then?! Tune into tomorrow's second semi-final to see who else will qualify for the grand finale. 

Unlike the rest of the nation, and despite singing its praises in this article, I don't actually watch Eurovision religiously every year. (Shock horror, I know!) I last watched some of it when I was younger, but didn't know what to make of it. Which shows that its niche idea doesn't appeal to all. Who'd want to watch countries making a fool of themselves live on air, in front of their natives? I know I wouldn't. Don't get me started on the ridiculous point system and the pre formed misconceptions about each country, before they've even performed… it's wrong and hurtful. No one should have to deal with that, let alone competitors who are being brave and putting themselves out there!!

This eclectic song contest that has ran for decades is now being hosted in Liverpool, UK, this year. Whether you sing its praises, or howl in horror at it coming here - you can't deny that it creates a buzz of some kind… The fancy costumes, celebration of diversity, song mash ups, point-blank honest judges... there really is something for everyone.


Kyiv, Ukraine - May 09, 2017:
Ievgen Skrypko -


Flags of Union Jack and Ukraine Wave at Eurovision. 


Overall, I think Eurovision divides us like marmite - you either can't enough, or you stay well away. Singing definitely isn't for everyone, but it can also be quite enjoyable in other ways too... where do you sit with it? Are you a fanatic or a foe? I'd love to know! How do you watch the show is the big question, though. Do you gather everyone you know and make a big event of it- order takeaway and settle in? Or, is locking yourself in your bedroom viewing it on your laptop with total privacy more your scene? Whatever way you choose, both are entirely valid! It's you're viewing after all.

The poster of Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Alexey Fedorenko -

Interested in learning more about the show? Why not head to Eurovision's official website to find out more. All you're burning questions will be answered there, I'm sure! Good luck if you're going to take the leap and apply for next year's tickets - I have faith in you, bye!

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